Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kiera Mickiewicz' & Bradford Anderson's wedding

What brought me across the Atlantic from Barcelona to Sacramento this spring was the wedding of Kiera and Bradford.

Kiera, a Sacramento native, met Bradford while studying theater at New York University. They now reside in Los Angeles, where Bradford stars in the daytime television show General Hospital. They chose to marry in Northern California, where Kiera's large Irish and Polish family were represented in full force.

This wedding was filled with lovely and very siginificant details. Kiera's dress had been worn by both her granmother and her mother on their respective wedding days. Her bouquet was adorned with tiny photographs of loved ones who had passed. The arch under which they said their vows was built by a family friend out of hundred-year-old wood.

The chosen location for the festivities was the Old Sugar Mill, a quaint and incredibly photogenic venue in Clarksburg.

Click here for more on Bradford.

Click here for more on The Old Sugar Mill.


timmy said...

you are amazing janine...we were so lucky to have you photograph this wonderful wedding day! Brava

mark lawrence said...

Spring weddings in open spaced areas are just a fabulous way of celebration. Flowers blooming everywhere look lovely. Saw pictures clicked at my friend's sister wedding. Professional booth themes at LA venues looked awesome. My sister in law liked many ideas and want to go for the same ones for her wedding and engagement soon.